Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips For Hooks and Lures

Smallmouth bass are fish that are active hunters and omnivores. They actually prefer crayfish for their diet but will also feed on other fish and vegetation as well. Where there are lots of crayfish, there are sure to be smallmouth bass also. There are a lot smallmouth bass fishing tips out there regarding where to look for these fish and what rod and reel to use for them. Locating fish is one important aspect of fishing. There is no use fishing for fish in an area with no fish.

Some smallmouth bass fishing tips about where to look for them is to keep a look out for drop off points and rocky shoals. These are areas where crayfish may be located so it follows that smallmouth bass might be there. If you cast your line in these areas and do not get a nibble or some activity within a certain span of time, move to another spot. Smallmouth bass fishing tips also indicate the need for knowledge of the river bottom and possibly the use of a depth finder of fish finder.

Hooks used for smallmouth bass are quite specific in size since these fish are so called due to their small jaws. Pro bass fishing tips usually have the same size of hook for smallmouth instead of changing hooks often.

Bait:A Effective Thing For Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Live bait is quite effective for most smallmouth bass fishing. Smallmouth bass fishing tips regarding live bait include washing the hands before touching any bait, lure or hook. What we may normally think as nothing will have a smell in the water which can alert the fish that it is a foreign object. Live bait will have a stronger smell than other lures which means that it can be used excessively without the need for scrubbing thoroughly. The best live baits for smallmouth bass are big, fat worms and crayfish. Do not use weights for these baits and try to reel them back in every few seconds to simulate movement.

Smallmouth bass fishing tips for fake lures state that these should have some sort of agitated movement. Tube jigs are quite popular with smallmouth bass, especially in larger and deeper lakes and rivers. For shallow bodies of water, spinner baits and shallow diving crankbaits are also popular.

These smallmouth bass fishing tips usually work for both shallow and deep water smallmouth bass fish. Consider the weather when out fishing for smallmouth bass. When the weather is sunny and stable, there may be a lot in the shallows but during unpredictable weather, smallmouth bass fishing tips state that the fish are in deeper waters.