Locating the Best Tuna Fishing Spots

It’s simply not enough that you know the various reliable techniques to catch tuna. To be able to have a good catch, its also wise to be familiar with the good tuna fishing spots. Even though tuna fishes aren’t that hard to find, there are only select areas in the US where in you will be able to catch tuna easily. Below are a few of them.

The Florida water is definitely an excellent location to catch lots of tuna. You don’t have to search that far to see schools of tuna on the surface water. However, since there are plenty of tuna in Florida, there are also many fishermen that can make tuna fishing really difficult.

If you think that Florida is not the place for you, then you might want to try Venice Louisiana. It has been named as among the best tuna fishing locations in the whole US by one of the well-known fishing magazines. It is recognized by many fishermen as tuna heaven.

You also may want to check out the area where some fishermen were able to catch one of the biggest tuna in the world long ago in 1995 which is none other than Oregon Inlet, North Carolina. This is also recognized as among the finest tuna fishing spots since it is where the large tuna fishes can be found hence the catch of one of the largest tuna in the world.

If you are thinking about going tuna fishing while on vacation, then you might want to go to Kona, Hawaii. During the summer, schools of tuna move closer to the shore so you do not have to go that much to find plenty of tuna fishes. This is the best tuna fishing spot for those who wish to spend their vacation near beaches and in close proximity to places where in you will be able to catch tuna fishes. Aside from this, the tuna fishes that live in this part of the US water weigh an average of 120-200 pounds. It may not be the home of the largest tuna fish, but suffice to say, the tuna fishes that you will be able to catch here are far from small.