Extreme Surf Fishing: Going for the Big Game

Extreme surf fishing has a lot of definition for the everyday angler. Extreme surf fishing may refer to the extreme weather conditions a surf fisherman faces during the start of fishing season. It may also refer to hooking a big game from the surf. Extreme surf fishing is not for the weak of heart, considering the conditions and the type of catch one is after.

Fishermen agree that the most applicable time to surf fish is during the fall season. Extreme weather conditions are still applicable during this time yet fishermen would always be in their fishing spots searching for their prized game. They would surf the water in their wading gear despite the extreme weather conditions. High wind creates a lot of impact on waves, it makes it come in a little higher and pounding, a little bit stronger.

The clarity of the water is murky and dark. Despite all of this, fishermen still squeeze in for the sweet spots of fishing. The possibility of confrontation is probable especially when they try to claim territorial rights on areas the game feeds. Strong waves would smash tackles and bones. One can see people coming out of the water seeking medical help because of hooks embedded in their faces, hands and legs. Some consider this as an initiation of a few into a select club of outdoorsmen.

Extreme surf fishing may also be about the catch the fishermen are after. Extreme surf fishing for them is in the summer when the sharks come in from the ocean. This is the time for the sharks to perform its reproductive stage. This is the opportune type for an angler to have the chance of a lifetime to hook 500 lb specie while fishing from the bank.

The equipment needed for this extreme surf fishing cannot be found in an everyday tackle shop, in fact some anglers have to go to the hardware store find the proper gear. Shark fishing reel requires at least 16/0, a long line the size of 30 football fields with an 80lb test and a sturdy and strong rod to put it all in. Reeling a shark that takes the bait is a war of attrition and only a chosen few can survive extreme surf fishing.