How to Enjoy Surf Fishing

Since human and fish have been around since time began so does surf fishing. Before it is a source of sustenance now, it has evolved as a profession and a hobby. Not having the perfect cast may cause some unease. Who says you need to have a perfect cast.

Here are some guidelines to follow to ensure a bountiful catch in by surf fishing.

Here’s the to-do list for pre-surf fishing:

Locate a good area for surf fishing. Prepare the fishing gear and do some research whether the preferred fish inhabits the location one decides to surf fish.

It is important to have snacks on hand in case one gets hungry waiting for the fish to take the bait.

Surf fishing: Reality at its Best

One should place the reel holder in the sand, just above the water line.

The hook must be baited. The best round lure is a spoon. It casts well even if there is strong winds, and it can be retrieved no matter how deep it is. Since the time of the Phoenicians, this style is effective considering fish don’t have the ability to adapt. It is better to use a foot of steel leader if one plans to catch small sharks or mackerel.

Start wading out in the ocean with the rod. Wade until you get to the crest of the first sandbar.

Point the tip of your reel toward the area in which you want your bait to land.
The starting point of the rod would be at a 45 degree angle so it should be lifted at that angle.

Swing the top of your rod backwards over your shoulder until it is parallel to the water.

Fling the rod forward back to the starting position, and release the line halfway through this motion.

Wade back and set the rod to its holder.

Relax and wait for the first fish to bite This hobby might be a bit too costly. Just like any other hobby, there is a need save and invest. The return of investment is worth its yield.

Be it a hobby or a profession, just like any type of fishing, you need to be in the right place at the right time. So why don’t you grab your tools and beach chair to relax in. Just cast away and enjoy the moment. Time to do surf fishing!