Outdoor Activities: Winter Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is a great outdoor activity that is typically enjoyed with family and friends. It is known that the most passionate people on earth when it comes to fishing are the surf-fishing enthusiasts. They are fond of fishing any time and are mostly contented in spending several days just reeling for the next big catch. They would do this all year round, even when the temperature drastically goes down, they would still do winter surf fishing.

It is winter and even if it is incredibly cold outdoors, this is not a reason to stay home and wait for a warmer weather to fish. Unlike summer, there are some fish to catch during winter but they are not as active and dominant. An individual must adjust to this circumstance and modify his or her fishing tactics.

If you have plans of fishing on a boat, you will not need any modifications for it. Fishes are generally staying in creeks during winter. Given that there is insufficient salt in creek water, fishes tend to stay in their territories. They usually do not rush to get out.

It is essential in winter surf fishing to use baits that are effective in the spring or warm weathers. One can opt for a lug, whose aroma can attract fishes, or a squid that could catch the attention of the fishes. But the most important thing is that you must be able to slow down the catch. Fishes’ metabolism slows down during winter because of the cold water, considering they are cold-blooded animals.

You must have enough will power if you plan to do winter surf fishing. One has to locate the fishes and inspect the inlets. It seems that they are usually concentrated in one area. 99% of the fishes are concentrated in 1% of the area and wading and looking for that one percent makes the whole trip worth the search.

For some reason, fishes in the surf are aggressive and hungry making them easy to locate even at this time of the year.

Finally it is important to note that fishing in the winter requires patience.You can bring a beverage and a chair while fishing and of course enjoy nature. You may also choose to practice casting techniques by going to the inlet or simply walk the ocean and wait for the fish to bite.