Surf Fishing Casting Basics

The most rewarding and thrilling recreational activity is fishing by the beach. Surf fishing casting is a great example of ways to enjoy and experience the ocean. The water is in direct contact with the fisherman and he can sense every movements of the tide.

To begin surf fishing casting, it is important to have the adequate gear. You will need long rods, which is approximately 10 to 12 feet. It is significant to pay attention to the link because this will permit you to cast on heavy sinkers and bait combos for at least 150 feet. A person must familiarize himself about the uses of different reels for each rod, no matter if it is spinning reels or bait casting reels. They should also master the precision of the fishing line. It should extent between the 18 to 45 pounds test. Weighty lines do not cast well and the lighter ones might get consumed by medium sized fishes. The next step is to get some hooks with 4 to 2/0 sizes. With the use of the hooks, place the bait to lure the fishes. Bait can be in the form of surf clams, squid, sand fleas, live or frozen mullet, minnows, shrimps or crabs. Acquire a rod holder for multiple casting outfits.

As soon as you are finished with the gear and equipment preparation, the fisherman may look up reports about the tidal conditions. These conditions will determine the eating habits of the fish, you will know if the fish are actively feeding during the evening or morning tidal changes. Baitfishes are lively in the events of tidal changes that may draw the game fish to your location. The preferred spots are right behind breaking waves where baitfishes congregate to feed on plant life.

Surf fishing casting is considered to be one of the most exciting types of fishing. It is very simple and does not require a lot of expenses. The other benefits besides the catch are that one can have fun and relaxing time in this great outdoors activity. Surf fishing casting will also allow you to enjoy and connect with nature.