Why surf fishing at night is a good idea

People into surf fishing normally perform such hobby when its still daytime. First and foremost, the reason they choose to do surf fishing during the day is because of the scenic view and see the prize catch in full view. Also, they take delight seeing the sand and beach as well. However, surf fishing at night can be as enjoyable as doing it during daytime. Actually, those who do surf fishing at night think it has more advantages. For fishermen, they set out the seas at night because fishes are easier to catch.

So why go surf fishing at night ?

Water is more calm and looking for ripples is easier. These ripples show that the fish are eating near the surface. During nighttime, the fish go back to the surf to feed. Water is hotter during daytime, thus the fish seek deeper layers of water even if there is food on the beach.When surf fishing at night, use very minimal white light as much as possible.Usually ,the eyes would get used to the dark after 10 minutes.The vision adjusts to low light so don’t worry about carrying too much light that can scare the fish away.Also, make sure that you bring along with you the right type of bait. Actaully, fishes like dark colored bait than light ones so remember this.

It’s also possible to enjoy surf fishing at night under the clear and bright moonlight instead of the burning heat of the sun while waiting for your catch. You need not worry about having the risk of having skin cancer. Besides, few people go surf fishing at night so you can enjoy the serenity and be one with nature. Having to wake up early is not an issue too. You can still get ready for prepare for surf fishing at night or other things you need at home.

The way to successful surf fishing at night is being ready as if you are going out on a romantic evening date. Get the calendar and save the date, why not try having a date night, surf fishing style.